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It all started with the simple idea of making a difference. Every bit counts.

We give services that make people happy.

For the employer,  be truthful and crystal clear about your requirements.  Every family needs are unique. It makes a big difference to be specific and upfront on your expectations eg. I expect the toilets to be washed everyday versus vs keeping the house clean.

For the helper, it should be more than just a job, looking at just salary and number of rest days Thought it is important, she must be truthful in what motivates her to do more, beyond just rewards. What are her strengths and weakness and be bold to ask questions to seek the right fit family for her employment. Thereafter, she must strive to be part of the family, show her willingness to put in time, effort to be an integral part of the family.

Our Helpers are trained

General Household Work

Helpers with professional training to carry out general household independently

New-born, infant and Child Care

Experienced in caring for new-borns, infants and children of multiple age groups

Elderly and Disabled Care

Trained in caring for Elderly and Disabled patients
Nursing certified with the capability of providing professional care for the elderly

Cooking & Marketing

Helpers who are able to cook and do marketing independently

Language skills

Trained in conversational English and Chinese